Dual Clash Poker
Dual Clash Poker (2019)

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Dual Clash Poker is a pair of fighting card game fighting 2 to 2. The game will start with 1 to 7 and the Joker with just 8 cards. The rules are simple. The one who issued the biggest number card among the four people is the winner of that round! However, if there are other people who gave the same numbers to the battlefield, even if they are issuing the largest numbers, they will fail immediately. The person who submitted the next big card becomes the winner of the round. In the total of the pair, it is the final winner to control the 4 rounds first. Which pair pairs the opponent's strong cards while crushing the game, checking the game and winning first? This work is packaged with the same design as the game appearing in Movie Bet Kegelui which is supervised by Oink Games ! It has become a product that you can take home the excitement in the movie and play it as it is! (Since the game rules are supposed to use a special system in the play, it has been slightly changed in the packaged version) —description from the publisher

Card Game
2 - 4
Oink Games
Takeshi Matsushita
Tatsuya Iwakura