Drekki (2019)

0.0 / 5

A push-your-luck game where you try to survive the dragon’s breath by bluffing and bidding against your opponents. Over a determined series of rounds, players get attacked by the dragon: upon a given round, a dragon attack tile is positioned in front of the active player. Each tile shows the amount of possible dammage, as well as who will suffer the dammage in function of an auction result. During the auction, each player secretely selects one among their hand of value tokens (6 ascending values in 3 color ranges). Then, in a sequence depending on the dragon tile, players will bid a number which has to be lower than the total of all value tokens. When all have passed, tokens get revealed, and the result is applied: either the highest bidder is lower or equal to the total and receives victory points, then the tile effect is applied in function of the total; or the highest bidder is higher than the total value of tokens, and the bidder suffers the attack. When all dragon attack tiles have been played, the game ends and score is computed to determine the winner.

2 - 6
Franz Couderc