Dungeon Hoard
Dungeon Hoard (2019)


Dungeon Hoard is a card game that allows you to build your dungeon and place creatures and traps to avoid incoming adventurers from looting your treasure room. The game can be played by 2 to 4 players and the first player to collect 3 treasure chests wins. In the Draw Phase, the player draws a card from the Dungeon Deck. Rooms, Creatures and Dungeon Upgrades can be played during the Build Phase. The following phase is called the Event Phase, in which the player draws an Event card face up. Some Event cards may start a Dungeon Crawl Event. During Dungeon Crawl Events, a group of Adventurers raid your dungeon. Adventurers start from the Lair Entrance and move towards the Treasure Room. Defeated adventurers provide Loot Bags, whereas adventurers that manage to reach the Treasure Room collect Loot Bags from your stash. Every 5 Loot Bags are converted to 1 Treasure Chest. —description from the designer

Take That
2 - 4
The Game Crafter, LLC
Ernest Formosa
60 - 120