Dust 1947: Devastator / Punisher II – Super Heavy Walker
Dust 1947: Devastator / Punisher II – Super Heavy Walker (2018)


The Devastator and the Punisher II are the two heaviest walkers found in the Grand Allied Army... and on the planet! These gigantic towering beasts strike fear into any pilot or soldier who faces them in combat. Their destructive power is unmatched, as well as their survivability on the battlefield. This is the true might of the Allies. This reference allows you to field one of these two variants. This reference comes with two Dust 1947 unit cards, one for each variant, both for the Allied Bloc. Like all regular Dust 1947 miniatures, it comes already assembled and primed. It's ready for the battlefield, or for painting, as you wish! You can directly paint over on it, since the priming serves as an undercoat and is compatible with any type of paint.

Dice Rolling
Variable Player Powers
Science Fiction
World War II
Expansion for Base-game
Action Points
Dust Studio
Paolo Parente
60 - 120