Dyce (2019)


You play a whisky trader, who buys, blends and sells whisky. You do this by setting up shops in the Scottish city of Dyce and attracting buying and selling whisky barons there. You win by having earned the most pounds at the end of the game. The whisky is represented by colored cubes. Pure whiskies (blue, red and yellow) can be bought for 1-3 pounds, mixed into blended whiskies (green, orange, purple, and black) and sold for 4-6 pounds. The whisky is sold and bought by whisky barons. Each whisky baron has a random line of dies, telling their preferred colors and prices. The city of Dyce contains 5x5 spaces. Take turns to place up to two items in any empty spaces. An empty shop for the cost of 1 pound. A colored cube, telling what you want to buy/sell in your shop. A white cube for the cost of 1 pound, making your shop more attractive to the whisky barons.   When all players have passed, each whisky baron moves 1 space closer to the shop that buys or sells a preferred whisky (or, in case of a tie, the shop with the most white cubes). When a whisky baron reaches a shop, the owner buys or sells according to the current die value and the whisky baron draws and rolls a new die. The game ends after six rounds, in which at least 1 blended whisky was sold. The die lines simulates a random yet predictable market for the players to engage in. This adds both a time element and a spatial element to the game. Only the player who knows what, where and when to trade will blend the finest whisky of the Highlands. —description from the designer

Commodity Speculation
Network and Route Building
1 - 4
The Game Crafter, LLC
Nicholas Hjelmberg