Dungeon Alliance: Adventure Pack III – The Gilded Prison
Dungeon Alliance: Adventure Pack III – The Gilded Prison (2019)


Mryth the Gold Dragon awoke from a dream where he had reformed all the wicked creatures in the universe, thereby abolishing evil for all time. Determined to see his dream come true, Mryth constructed a majestic fortress where he trapped thousands of monsters with the hope of rehabilitating them. But sometimes dreams turn into nightmares. When the dragon's Gilded Prison is breached, will your alliance help him restore order, or will you add to the chaos? Each Adventure Pack includes approximately 40 - 60 cards, 1 - 3 punchboard sheets , and 1 rules booklet. Each Adventure Pack adds a new narrative story arc to the game, and each alliance can choose the ways in which it wishes to engage each particular story arc. These packs are a non-linear way to add story content over the course of an entire campaign (solo, cooperative, or competitive) and should keep the game challenging as the heroes spend Campaign Points between adventures.

Hand Management
Card Drafting
Grid Movement
Expansion for Base-game
Cooperative Game
Action Points
Deck, Bag, and Pool Building
1 - 4
Quixotic Games
Andrew Parks
60 - 180