Duck, Buck, Moose
Duck, Buck, Moose (2020)


In Duck, Buck, Moose you'll compete with up to 3 of your friends on a hunt for furry woodland creatures in this totally not-serious card game of skill, sabotage and luck. Journey into the wilderness, collecting licenses and gear and search for that prized buck (or just knock off a few rabbits). Gun jam your opponents or spook their animals to stay in the lead. During the game players will spend 3 actions on their turn to collect Hunter or License cards, play Action cards and go on hunts in attempt to score Wildlife points; all while trying to stop others from doing the same. As the game continues, Wildlife will be scored with new ones taking their place. When the last Wildlife card is revealed, all players will have one more full turn. At the end of the game, players add up their scored Wildlife points minus any unfulfilled Licenses. The player with the most points wins! -description from designer

Card Game
Card Drafting
Take That
Action Points
2 - 4
Input Games
Gavin Vickery
15 - 30