Dumeklemmer-Citylauf (2019)


The Dumeklemmer-Citylauf was a promotion game for the Ratinger Spieletage 2019 board game convention in Ratingen, North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The players have to move on a map and visit different sights in the city of Ratingen. At the start of the turn the player perform a dice roll to get action points according to the number of dice pips, which can be used to move their pawn one the map one step per action point. It is possible to save up to 8 action points for the next turn. A player can only visit one of the 12 sights, if they are not more than 3 steps away. On the upper map border is a column for each sight. When the turn ends on one of the sights, the player places a token to the lowermost cell of this sight, if they have not already a token there. For example, on the Protestant Church the first player gets two victory point, the second player one, the third player five and the fourth player eight victory points. However, at the end of the turn, a player can pay six action points to move one their tokens one step higher. Tokens of other players are skipped. For example, if the second cell of the Protestant Church is occupied, a player can jump from two to five victory points. Players also get two bonus points for each different city district they have visited (sights have different colors.) As soon a player reaches the city hall (where also the Ratinger Spieletage took place), they cannot move on the map anymore, they get 4 victory points and place at the start of each of their turns one of their tokens a special cell, which gives one victory point per token. As soon one player has placed all of their 8 tokens, the current round is played to the end. The player with the most Victory points wins the game. —user summary

Point to Point Movement
Set Collection
Dice Rolling
Roll \/ Spin and Move
Action Points
2 - 5
Martin Schlegel