Dungeon Party
Dungeon Party (2020)


Dungeon Party is a quick-play fantasy role-playing game played with coasters and a coin. Dungeon Party is easy to learn, playable in a short time (or extended if that is desirable), has all of the aspects of a classic RPG adventure, and is playable in a bar, restaurant, or at home. The combat mechanism is fun and adds an element of luck and skill without much complexity. The game system is infinitely expandable. Players will assemble a "dungeon" by creating a stack of coasters that includes rooms, monsters, and treasures. They then adventure through the dungeon by battling through each room, defeating the monsters, and looting the treasure. Along the way, they may pick up magical treasures or spells that can help them in their quest. If they survive the dungeon, the player with the most treasure points wins. If they do not, the dungeon wins. But either way, there will be laughs and maybe even a drink or two! —description from the publisher

Role Playing
Party Game
Action \/ Dexterity
Semi-Cooperative Game
Move Through Deck
Variable Setup
1 - 8
Forbidden Games
Glenn Drover
Jason Kapalka
30 - 60