Drink Drank Drunk: The Game of Mis-Beer-Having
Drink Drank Drunk: The Game of Mis-Beer-Having (2018)


A party game, essentially about getting drunk, but including three variants that include ways to lose. In all versions of the game, you draw a card and do as instructed. Some cards have actions that happen immediately, others are rules, powers or weaknesses, and then there are the special and wild cards. In the "Wild Kings" variant, the wild cards must be included and whoever draws the final wild card loses. In the "Drinking Buddies" variant, each team has an amount of drinks available, and the team that first finishes their drink stock, loses. In the "Dranky's Hat" variant, a glass or bottle of drink is placed in the middle of the table. Each discarded card has to be balanced on top of the glass or bottle. Whoever knocks the tower of cards over, loses the game. —user summary

Variable Player Powers
Party Game
Player Judge
Single Loser Game
3 - 99
Company 74
Felix Mulder
15 - 120