Drink Drank Drunk
Drink Drank Drunk (2017)


Drink Drank Drunk the Game of mis-beer-having! Simple, hilarious and addictive fun : The party in a box with a laughter guarantee. Play with your friends or bring it to a bar to make new ones! 200 unique cards of 5 categories make up the deck each card can interact with one another making for hundreds of unique combinations and hysterical, surprising and unique situations designed to have you and your friends giggling like children in no time! HOW TO PLAY: There are a few ways to play the game but the mechanics mainly stay the same - Just shuffle the deck and take turns drawing a card! 
 There are 6 different kinds of cards! ACTION (Green) cards take action as soon as they are picked up and include many different Mini-games & challenges. RULE (Red) set new rules for everyone playing (Max 2 at a time) POWER (Pink) cards give you hilarious abilities! WEAKNESS (Blue) cards give you personal rules to follow SPECIAL (Yellow) kept secret and used once at any time! WILD CARDS for alternate ways to play ALTERNATIVE GAME MODES : After getting to grips with the core mechanics and failing at completing the entire deck in one sitting (Still never been done!) the cards come with a multitude of ways to play and win too from team games, collection games to solo games and skill based game modes; all of which are outlined in the rulebook or our website. The handy portable Drink Drank Drunk box comes with 200 high quality individually illustrated cards along with a glorious 8 paged rules pamphlet. —description from the publisher

Card Game
Party Game
3 - 20
Company 74
Felix Mulder
20 - 200