Dwarven Dice
Dwarven Dice (2020)


Dwarven Dice is a set collection dice game for 3-5 players. Dwarven Dice is played over several turns starting with the first player and going clockwise. On a player's turn, they roll dice to mine for gems and steal them from their opponents. The game ends when there are no more gems remaining in the bag. During each turn, a player rolls dice to try and capture as many gems as they can by mining them from the bag and then collecting them from the table or from other players at the table. A player begins their turn by rolling all 8 dice and can then spend or commit them. A player's turn ends when they choose to pass or has no more actions to spend. —description from the designer

Dice Rolling
Party Game
Take That
Die Icon Resolution
3 - 5
Goshen Hill Games
Nick Culpin
20 - 30