Egyptia (2019)


Egyptia is a roll-and-write using polyhedral dice. Each turn, players will simultaneously decide what resources to collect and what building to draw in their hex grid, constrained by the roll of the six shared dice. (If you can't afford a building, you can always draw in a burial mound, for a few bonus resources but no VPs.) Each of the five buildings has three possible scoring rules, randomized before the game for 3^5 = 243 different setups. The game ends in a maximum of 18 rounds when all spaces are filled; sooner if any one player produces enough of one resource over the course of the game to reach the endgame section of the resource track. Players total points for all the buildings they've built and the builder with the most points wins. Official description: As one of Egypt’s most respected builders, you have been selected by the Pharaoh to expand the land. Each builder is given their own plateau to develop. Producing resources will be critical to your success, but do not be too tempted by your ambition, lest you should unleash a plague upon your growing city. Manage your resources and plan your city wisely to become the best builder in all of Egypt and earn a coveted place beside the Pharaoh! —description from the designer

Dice Rolling
Print & Play
Solo \/ Solitaire Game
Hexagon Grid
Variable Setup
1 - 100
(Web published)
Steven Aramini
30 - 45