Eagle Troop at the Battle of Easting 73
Eagle Troop at the Battle of Easting 73 (2017)


Eagle Troop at the Battle of Easting 73 is a scenario for Modern Armor The Battle of 73 Easting erupted about halfway through the brief land phase of the Gulf War. American armored forces had entered Iraq and pivoted to unhinge the enemy’s defenses inside Kuwait. Facing them was what appeared to be a well-trained and well prepared enemy - the elite Republican Guard. The Republican Guard was dug in, defending the territory it trained in often. The Coalition forces were strung out, navigating by compass and GPS. Fog, sandstorms and “oil rain” confused the picture on the battlefield. All of this, on paper, should have given the Iraqis a fighting chance. Instead, by the end of the 26th of February, 1991, the best they had to offer had been annihilated. This scenario recreates the historical battle. Variants allow you to explore what would have happened if the Iraqis had been better prepared, luckier, or better trained. This scenario contains: Historical information on units and deployment suitable for use with any micro-armor system. Unit statistics and scenario rules for Modern Armor —description from the publisher

Modern Warfare
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