Dungeons Of Old
Dungeons Of Old (2020)


Dungeons of Old is a unique take on a deck-building game for one to four players, in which you take control of your very own ragtag band of adventurers and turn them into a formidable fighting force to take down monsters, snatch up loot and buy new cards on your way to defeat one of FIVE Dungeon Bosses. Players will start with the same ten card deck, featuring characters, equipment and spells, to enter their first dungeon. There they'll compete with each other to fight, defeat and direct monsters and snatch up more than their fair share of the loot they guard. The aim of the game is to make more money from your adventuring efforts than the other players at the table and win ultimate glory in defeating the dungeon boss! —description from the designer

Card Game
End Game Bonuses
Deck, Bag, and Pool Building
1 - 4
90 - 120