Dungeon Crawlers: Legends of Runya Season 1
Dungeon Crawlers: Legends of Runya Season 1 (2021)


A brief history of Runya The Kingdom of Runya is one of the 7 great Kingdoms in this world. What makes Runya special is the vast number of games you can find that are capable of earning your living. Each week there are large tournaments that pay cash prizes. Once per month in each of the 8 regions of Runya, the winners of weekly events are invited to a Regional Tournament. Regional winners are automatically entered in the annual event held in the capitol city of Liberia. The National tournament is the largest event in the Kingdom and is played over the course of 7 days. Players bring their avatars and compete in a series of randomly chosen game types. Brackets include solo play as well as teams and occasionally players will be forced into co-op situations with competitors. This year, the main event of the Nationals is a new dungeon crawling game, aptly named “Dungeon Crawlers”. Who will come out on top? Let’s find out! In this game you'll play as one of 8 Heroes from the 1st Season of the "Legends of Runya" series. Game Setup aka (Building the Dungeon) 1. Ensure all meeples are in the drawing bag and shake them up. 2. Separate and stack all the decks Floor tiles, find the 4way starting tile, then shuffle the rest and put it on top of the deck. Shop cards, shuffle all 20 shop cards and deal them into 4 stacks of 5. Potion cards, put 3 potions on top of each stack of 5 shop cards Boss/Treasure cards, With the treasure pile or boss faces UP, shuffle them blindly (Yes, this means that you will KNOW which boss is coming up. Place them strategically) 3. Each player choose an avatar from the 8 Heroes. 4. The person who chose an avatar first will place the first tile in the center of your play space. (This will be the 4way tile with blue lights in the corners). Place 1 gem in that room and roll the Monster die to see how many monsters are in that room. (Then draw them at random from the meeple bag. Continue taking turns clockwise placing tiles and spawning monsters using the Monster die. This continues until you no longer can place a tile or you have placed all of them. THE ENTIRE DUNGEON WILL BE BUILT BEFORE THE GAME BEGINS Rules for placing tiles and spawning monsters 1. You MUST place the 4way tile FIRST 2. Starter tiles must leave space for the shop cards behind them. 3. As long as at least ONE corridor connects, you can place a tile. (Yes, even if 2 other corridors end at a wall) 4. When you place a starter tile, you do NOT roll the Monster die. (Starter tiles are free of monsters) 5. When you place a “Boss” tile, you do NOT roll the Monster die, instead, you take the top card from the Boss/Treasure deck and place it on that tile face-up (Monster details up, Treasure chamber picture up) 6. Whenever you roll a 5 or 6 on the Monster die, that room gets a gem due to it’s difficulty to clear. Whoever kills the last monster in that room gets the gem. 7. Once all tiles are placed and Monsters have been spawned, place a shop outside of each starter tile 8. Place avatars on the starter tiles with the picture of your chosen Hero. If the starter tile for your Hero didn’t get placed, place your avatar in the 4way tile. ONLY THOSE STANDING IN A STARTER TILE CAN SEE INVENTORY IN THE ATTACHED SHOP It is a secret what items you have available in your shop when you start. Now you are ready to play! —description from the designer

Dice Rolling
Area Movement
Semi-Cooperative Game
Variable Setup
Critical Hits and Failures
1 - 8
Munchkin Metropolis
Roger Kolikas
30 - 120