Dungeon Tactics
Dungeon Tactics (2019)


A rules-light tactical skirmish wargame inspired by Nicolas Dessaux’s one-page RPG Searchers of the Unknown. —description from the introduction Dungeon Tactics can be played using any miniatures in the 25-32mm range. One could also use cardboard pawns (say from Pathfinder) or even the cardboard counters WotC put out for 4th edition DnD. For the playing surface, both Wizards and Paizo sell affordable (well, affordable by wargming standards, at least) dungeon tiles which are still in print. Or you could dig out your old HeroQuest board, or use tiles from another dungeon crawl game, or use your Space Hulk tiles, or a Chessex battlemat, or one of many different pre-printed maps. —description from the designer Dice required: twenty-sided dice (d20), six-sided dice (d6) Game is played on any map with a one-inch grid, it may be created or adapted from something else. Party is created from a 1000 gold piece budget, each model costs 100 GP and additional gold may be spent to make the models more powerful or to equip models with special equipment. Victory conditions for a basic game are until one side is wiped out, suggested scenarios with alternate victory conditions are "assassination", wipe out the opponent's leader, and "treasure hunt", one unit retrieves a designated treasure token and carries it off the board. —user summary

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