El Zorro y el Condor
El Zorro y el Condor (2007)


The "Zorro" (fox) and the Condor is a game that narrates/recreates the story of 4 chachawarmi who must travel from the coast to their village in the mountains. In their journey they must choose between the way of the Condor (which represents knowledge) and the way of the Zorror (which represents fortune). The winner is the chawarmi who has the largest flock of llamas after the trip. This is an bilingual educational game (Spanish/Aymara) based on Aymara legends/myths of the altiplano (north of Chile, Peru and Bolivia). —user summary

Dice Rolling
Roll \/ Spin and Move
Die Icon Resolution
2 - 4
Catalina Cabrera
Enrico Cioffi
20 - 45