Echo Actual
Echo Actual (2020)


Echo Actual is a wargame that fits well between the tabletop simulations and war/boardgames on your shelf. The system is adaptable for playing on a variety of maps you already own with a soon-to-be-released bundle of OPORD scenarios designed specifically for Echo Actual. A number of features help Echo Actual stand out from other wargame offerings, including; A combined arms game, the system is designed to allow players the selection of a specific Commander before assembling a mission-specific force with Sections, Teams and Modifications that can be equipped, further pushing the specialized capabilities of each unit. The entire force must stay connected to the Communications Net to avoid the horrific consequences of a Blue-on-Blue attack. At the beginning of the game, units are deployed face down - when spotted, they are revealed! Some units have highly specific skills. The Electronic Warfare unit can cripple an enemy communications net. The Engineer Section can build a number of Fortifications. The Core Rulebook includes print and play instructions to get you in the fight! Tokens for everything listed in the Combined Arms List make for a quick start up. Also included are instructions for creating a set of DIY tokens in case a player didn't have access to a printer. The first installment of Echo Actual will serve as the platform for a number of expansions. —description from the publisher

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