Drogi do Niepodległości
Drogi do Niepodległości (2019)


The plot of the strategic board game Drogi do Niepodległości ("Roads to Independence") includes the most important historical events from 1795-1918 and shows the heroes of these events. The main goal of the game is the implementation of one of the five political missions of an independent country. Players strive for their actions to shape the country as close as possible to the objectives of the mission. During the game, they play the part of family members living under the partitions. There are different routes for players. In several stages, they themselves decide what events they take part in, look for allies, use the help of heroes. The game is fought in three partitions and in exile. The family can get involved in political, military and socioeconomic activities.

2 - 5
Muzeum Historii Polski
60 - 150