El tesoro de San Borondón
El tesoro de San Borondón (2020)


El Tesoro de San Borondón is a family game for 2-8 players. In this adventure, an expedition of explorers will arrive in balloon to the mythical eighth island of the Canary Islands to find a fabulous treasure. The terrain is dangerous and the objects that can be carried are few, so all the players have to work together to be able to advance, find the treasure and return to the balloon. The game consists of a board made of 49 reversible tiles and 10 tiles that form the treasure map, so that each game will be completely different. In addition, 12 inventory items and two decks of cards will make this journey a true survival adventure. As if this were not enough, a volcano in the middle of the island threatens to cover it all with lava, so the search will have to be against the clock. In every round, players will make a movement (up to 3 tiles), reveal an event card and make an action (resolve the event with objects from the inventory, help another player, etc). The last phase of the round is to place a new lava tile.

Tile Placement
Party Game
Movement Points
Cooperative Game
Action Points
2 - 8
Emiliano Labrador
30 - 50