Drupal: The Card Game
Drupal: The Card Game (2010)


"Building a website is not an easy task! But if you choose Drupal as your framework, you can work together with many others to make the job easier for everyone. "In this quick card game 2-4 players compete to earn the most reputation by developing new Drupal modules and building complex websites!" [source: rule book] --- This card game adopts the theme of building a rich and dynamic website (i.e Web 2.0) using Drupal, open source and free software used for building content management sites (e.g. WhiteHouse.gov, PopularScience.com). In the real world, software developers create and contribute to "modules" that website builders can add to their core Drupal site, extending its features and functionality. Players start by playing cards representing modules (i.e. simultaneous action selection) and then build up their own contributions to those modules (i.e. turn-based play, auction/bidding) with points on colored cards representing each player. These are referred to as "patch cards," since developers fix a module by patching its code. Players must contribute enough patch cards to make a module available to any player (i.e. cooperative play) to eventually build a website. They can also "own" that module by being its biggest contributor. Finally, players try to build websites for victory points depending on whether a module is available and its color (e.g. pink, blue or brown). Victory points are also available for individuals who contribute the most to a module's development. The winner has the most victory points. Play lasts 5-10 minutes. The design of the cards is unique in that modules and websites are combined on the same card, on either side, and the websites have the URL for well-known sites using Drupal. The order of play is as follows: 1. Take 7 patch cards 2. Take 6 site/module cards 3. Play 3 modules 4. Play patches on modules 5. Audit modules 6. Sites check 7. Module check 8. Score The game is under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence.

Hand Management
Card Game
Simultaneous Action Selection
Cooperative Game
2 - 4
Cloudberry Games
Rustan Håkansson