DropMix: Series 1 Discover Packs
DropMix: Series 1 Discover Packs (2017)

3.0 / 5

Expand your mix and build your music collection with DropMix Discover Packs. Each pack includes 5 DropMix cards that can create a full song mix and more music mixing possibilities with the DropMix Music Gaming System (sold separately). There are 30 DropMix cards available to collect in each series featuring songs from top artists. Each pack of 5 sold separately. Dropmix: Series 1 Discover Packs is a collection of 6 such packs. While the packaging of each pack is identical, they can be identified by the card showing through the front window of each pack.

Card Game
Party Game
Expansion for Base-game
Area Majority \/ Influence
1 - 4
15 - 30