Drecksau To Go
Drecksau To Go (2018)


Only a dirty pig is a happy pig! In Drecksau, each player has 3-5 clean pigs in front of him and three cards in hand. Each turn one card is played. By playing a mud card, one pig can be sent into the mud. The pig card is flipped over to show a dirty pig on the back. Rain cards clean all pigs, even your own! Barn cards protect pigs from the rain, while lightning cards destroy barns – but lightning rod cards protect barns from lightning cards. Farmer cards can be sent to dirty pigs: the farmer likes clean pigs... Pigs in a barn that are protected with a lock card are safe from the farmer. The first player who has dirtied all of his pigs wins! Drecksau To Go includes both the Drecksau base game and the Sauschön expansion that lets players decide how they want to participate in the pig parade, whether with full makeup and styling fit for a beauty pageant or a more traditional wallow in the mud.

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3 - 6
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