Eden: Survive the Apocalypse – Burn Out
Eden: Survive the Apocalypse – Burn Out (2018)


Burn Out is the first expansion for Eden, the post-apocalyptic skirmish game. Burn Out gets the better of Eden the game. It starts with its original universe and its efficient gameplay, and it adds what it is necessary to get into the game by another aspect. In Burn Out, setting up a game is simple, making the game easier for beginners. Games are scripted and the rules allow a better interaction with the scenarios. Simply, you read the scenario, set up the game table, and the game begins! This also allows you to create your own scenarios and so to play on crazy tables ! You have always dreamed to play on a dock filled with containers, in city in ruins or the footbridges of an industrial complex ? With Burn Out you can ! The accessibility of this game will delight novice players, while additional rules will give new sensations to veterans. Finally, Burn Out is also a campaign with more than ten scenarios, during which your fighters will get experience and become more and more powerful ! But be careful, at the end of a game, the wounds of your fighters remain on their card.. Your opponent, if he is weaker than you, will be able to take artifacts. So, be careful to well manage your resources, the world of Eden is violent and ruthless ! —description from the publisher

Dice Rolling
Science Fiction
Modular Board
Expansion for Base-game
Action Points
2 - 5
Happy Games Factory
Pierre Joanne
Mohamed Ait-Mehdi