Dungeon Hunt
Dungeon Hunt (2018)


Dungeon Hunt is a card game simulating the experience of a classic dungeon crawler. The play deck is formed by 54 cards. Playdeck cards’ list: 4 hero cards; 12 dungeon cards (6 corridors and 6 rooms) + 1 Start card + 1 Elevator Exit card; 8 Monster Cards; 28 Equipment Cards; Players: 1-4 3 difficulty levels Setting A race of hunter aliens (Predator like) lands on earth and take 4 warriors as prisoners for a survival game. The four are taken on a labyrinth-arena-ship where they must face mythological monsters finding at the same time a way to exit. Cards general description Hero cards are the sheets of all four characters, these cards contain all information to manage our hero. Dungeon cards are exactly what their name suggests - corridors and rooms to explore. On these cards there are symbols which have a value during the game. Monster cards are the sheets of monsters encountered in the dungeon, their statistics change according to the dungeon difficulty level. Equipment cards are weapons, potions, and various items that can be used by heroes during the game. Game setup: Cards are divided into three decks - monsters, equipment, and dungeon decks. Choose difficulty level (the dungeon cards number changes). Place down the Start card. Choose a hero. Draw 2 equipment cards. Now you are ready to to begin the turn. Games turns" Draw a dungeon card and put it next to the Start card matching the arrows correctly. Draw a monster card and roll a 6 sided dice to determine the number of monsters. Roll another 6 sided dice to determine how many actions heroes can take this turn. All actions are subdivided among characters. Compare monsters initiative with the one of the current turn hero and proceed with the fighting. When all monsters are defeated, each hero draws a card from the equipment deck. Before beginning a new turn, equipment cards can be attached or exchanged among players and other actions can be taken. The turn passes to the second player and the game proceeds as described until the Elevator Exit room where heroes face the final boss monster and need to defeat it in order to win the game —description from the designer

Card Game
Cooperative Game
1 - 4
Leonardo Carlaccini
Joselito Casula
Marco Figoni
30 - 90