Eldenia (2018)


You are Eldenia's hero and adventurer. They prepare to go on adventure by polishing swords and purchasing items in the village. If you're ready, let's go hunting monsters! In order to gain more fame, you will compete fiercely with the adventurers you join. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it is a stumbling block. Let's be a stronger warrior and defeat the dragon! In World of Eldenia, each player starts with level 1 first. As you level up your experience(=Power) by defeating a small monster like a rabbit, you can become a more powerful hero. However, you may lose points because of the injuries you suffer from defeating monsters. Do not forget to treat! New adventurers and heroes may be needed to play more games. For more fun, Eldenia is a constant adventurer. —description from the designer Yun Young-jin.

Hand Management
Set Collection
Card Game
Deck, Bag, and Pool Building
2 - 4
Yun Young-jin
45 - 90