Egge on Thine Face
Egge on Thine Face (2018)


Who cares for Russian Roulette? Those with true nerves of steel are willing to smash eggs on their heads, not knowing whether the eggs are raw, boiled, or rotten. In this game, you and your friends will be selecting and breaking eggs (or cards with eggs on, at least!) and whoever remains the cleanest will be the winner. Each round, players are dealt a card with an egg on, and starting with the first player, they all declare what is on their card, though everyone has to say the same thing as the first player. The cards are then placed in the centre of the table, along with an unknown extra card. After a countdown, everyone grabs a card and finds out what sort of egg they have chosen, scoring from 0 to 2 points of "mess". The raw and rotten egg cards are kept by the players who took them, and the rest are reshuffled for the next round. When there are not enough cards for a new round, the game is over and whoever is the least messy is the winner. Multiple sets of cards can be combined to allow more players to join in. -description from designer

Party Game
Print & Play
3 - 5
(Web published)
Rob M Harper
3 - 10