Dueling Dinos
Dueling Dinos (2018)


Duel your dinos and show the other cave clans who is the strongest! Dueling Dinos is a card game in which the object is to outsmart your opponent and gather rewards. Each player drafts a pack of dinosaurs (dinos), wagers precious stones (tokens), and then watches as their dinos take on their opponents dinos in head to head duels. Each player is dealt a hand of three cards which are arranged in a line face down. These cards are their pack of dinos. Players take turns successively replacing these cards from the deck or discard pile until one player is satisfied with their pack and knocks. The aim is to make a pack that can win the most head to head duels. When you think you have the best chance of winning the round you can use your turn to knock instead of drawing to replace one of your cards. This causes the play to end after each of the other players has taken one more turn. The game is played across five rounds and the player with the most stones at the end of those five rounds is the winner. If, at the start of a round, a player can not ante three coins the game is over and that player has lost. Alternately, before the game begins, players may agree upon a set time limit or number of rounds for the game.

Card Game
Deck, Bag, and Pool Building
2 - 3
The Game Crafter, LLC
Mark A. Jindra
15 - 25