Earth's Last Stand
Earth's Last Stand (2018)


CONTEXT A massive combat ship that emerged from an open portal to another dimension is trying to invade planet earth. The earth’s defensive shield was activated, but it is only strong enough to withstand the enemy’s main laser for a short period of time. Our only hope rest on a small fleet of terrestrial spaceships that were orbiting the earth, ill prepared for such a moment of crisis. These ships’ crew now holds the most important mission of their lives: attempt to destroy the enemy ship while simultaneously keeping the earth’s shield functioning, in an effort to avoid the end of all humankind. MECHANICS During the match, the players must prepare the crew (roll dice) and take them to perform various tasks on the ships (modules). After all player ships have participated, the enemy turn will begin, during which the enemies will attempt different actions against the player ships or planet earth depending on the Strategy Card that has been revealed. After each round, the state of the game must be checked to determine whether the match has ended, be it in favor or against the players. If the match has not yet ended, another round is prepared, advancing the marker on the portal to another dimension to the next counter, among other things. The game will inevitably end when the marker on the portal to another dimension reaches the last counter and cannot be moved any forward at the end of the round. The players must use the limited amount of turns at their disposal to try and prepare their ships and improve them as much as possible, with better modules and more crew, in order to be victorious. Achieving good synergy between the modules of a ship and maintaining good communication with companions might result in a seemingly impossible task being successfully completed. The earth is counting on you! Good luck!

Dice Rolling
Worker Placement
Science Fiction
Cooperative Game
1 - 4
(Web published)
Ignacio Gonzalo Paz Cornejo
15 - 60