Driller Dwarves
Driller Dwarves (2018)


The competition in the Larendon Mining racket is fierce and only the strong have survived... the Driller Dwarves. Now, the battle for Honor between them has pushed this competition to the limit. Become a Legendary Driller Dwarf and take on formidable adversaries for the prestigious honor of becoming the first Larendon Driller King. Game Play Each player has a Mine with 50 Hit Points. Each turn you can Mine for Gold to purchase enchanted Drill Bits, fill Faction Resource Orders to gain Honor plus barter with local Factions to sabotage opponents Mines or defend and repair your Mine. How to Win Win by getting to 50 Honor first with your Mine still standing or when only one Mine remains, the player with the highest Honor wins. Solo Play Take on your nemesis Driller Dwarf head-to-head in this AI driven competition. Multi-Play Take on your friend or friends! 4 player mode can also be coop 2v2. Card Drafting Card drafting 10 out of a pool of 14 adds a level of customization granting players the ability to skew their starting deck depending on their style of play. First Player Card First player card can actually be used to increase your chances of attaining very powerful Drill Bits. —description from the publisher

Card Drafting
Deck, Bag, and Pool Building
1 - 6
Brad Livralesso
30 - 45