Duel of the Dragons
Duel of the Dragons (2018)


Duel of the Dragons is a Stand-Alone Card Duel, pitting two powerful Dragons against each other in a vicious fight to the death. It is a two player game for ages 10+ and takes about 15 to 30 minutes to play a full game. The game has a card playing and stacking mechanic that I have not seen used this way in other games, it creates a playing strategy that makes your first card played just as important as your last, and every card in between. The Dragons will have to strategically create a plan to inflict the most damage to their opponents through the combination of statistics on their cards and abilities of cards played. The winner is the Dragon who is able to deal a total of 100 damage to their opponent over the course of multiple rounds of play. Each Dragon begins with 100 Health Points, and once their total reaches 0 due to damage they lose the game. A Solo variant can be played as well, with a simple AI system and variable handicaps that can be set for difficulty.

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