Dumpster Dealers
Dumpster Dealers (2018)


Persuade your friends to buy absurd products in this hilarious NSFW party game. We believe great party games should encourage you to express your own sense of humor, not just rely on each card to be a pre-written punchline. That's why we created Dumpster Dealers. Dumpster Dealers is a hilarious game of creative persuasion. Here's how it works: 1. Choose a Customer One person draws a Dumpster Dollar and chooses a role to adopt from either side of the card. They will be determining the winner of the round 2. Create Products Everyone else quickly combines two of their Dumpster Cards into something the Customer might want. 3. Pitch Your Products Each player attempts to persuade the Customer why their ridiculous card combination is best. Hilarity ensues. 4. The customer awards the Dumpster Dollar to their favorite product, ending the round. The winnner gets to be the customer for the next round. That's the main sequence of gameplay, not including the addition of bonus rounds, extra house rules, or drinking game rules. —description from the designer

Card Game
Role Playing
Party Game
Mature \/ Adult
Cooperative Game
3 - 10
30 - 60