Dudab Buba
Dudab Buba (2018)


Prehistoric people were fishing, hunting, and gathering during their wandering. It was important to carry as few things with them as possible in order to move easily. They couldn't speak, but Dudab was one among their primitive words meaning "sorry". When it's your turn in Dudab Buba, you can choose one of the two possibilities: lay down a card or draw a card. Then the next player's turn in clockwise order starts. Players need to collect as few cards and as few victory points as possible. To do this, they have to be very tactical, and say "Dudab" with proper timing. The player who can lead everybody else by the nose and collect the fewest victory points wins. The game is a reprint for the original Dudab and contains sixteen extra cards that comprise two expansions.

Hand Management
Card Game
2 - 6
A-games (Board Game)
Hegedűs Csaba
15 - 30