East Indiaman: Solo and 5 player
East Indiaman: Solo and 5 player (2018)


1. Solo expansion: For solo game, you will play against the dummy player John. Whenever John performs an action, he is not required to spend or use any resource. In addition, he also ignores the effects of empty spots on the pirate alert track. John's action will be determined by the action marker, the dummy player action tile and the result of the die roll. For a more challenging game, you can play against John on B side of the dummy player action tiles; the more rounds you play against John on B side of the action tiles, the harder the game will become. 2. 5 player expansion: In a 5 player game, after the first player has been determined during the game preparations, the 5th player in player order will place two additional tokens in his/her reserve area. When scoring for arms level at game and, in a 5 player game, each player will receive 2 points for each other player that falls behind on the arms level track. —description from the publiser

Set Collection
Worker Placement
Expansion for Base-game
Action Points
Area Majority \/ Influence
1 - 5
David Wang Studio
David Wang
40 - 100