Dungeon Fighter: Jean Solo Promo Card
Dungeon Fighter: Jean Solo Promo Card (2018)


Jean Solo bonus card for Dungeon Fighter, handed out by Horrible Games at Spiel in Essen 2018. Jean has 3 abilities that can be used after hitting a monster (Adrenaline: double damage; Scavenge: draw and distribute 3 equipment cards; Explore: Look at the topmost monster card from the tower). When you Hit a Monster, place 1 XP on your Hero sheet (not on the Chest token). When you activate on of Jean Solo's special abilities, you must also discard the indicated amount of XP from your hero sheet. if you can't, you activate the ability. ADRENALINE: Discard 3 XP. You may double the damage dealt by this throw OR recover 1 HP for each damage dealt. SCAVENGE: Discard 2 XP. Draw 3 Equipment cards and put them aside face-down. Distribute these cards after the fight. EXPLORE: Discard 1 XP. Look at the topmost Monster card from the tower, then either put it back or place it at the bottom of its pile.

Point to Point Movement
Card Drafting
Dice Rolling
Variable Player Powers
Modular Board
Expansion for Base-game
Action \/ Dexterity
Cooperative Game
1 - 6
Horrible Guild
Aureliano Buonfino
Lorenzo Silva
Lorenzo Tucci Sorrentino