Dungeon Solitaire: Devil's Playground
Dungeon Solitaire: Devil's Playground (2018)


Dungeon Solitaire: Devil's Playground is a collection of fantasy card games and expansion rules for Dungeon Solitaire: Labyrinth of Souls. Fight monstrous diabolisms, overcome obstacles, and endure misfortunes as you delve into the darkest dungeon in a quest to defeat three powerful demons. Along the way you will collect treasure and unique magic items, encounter strange locales, and acquire three divine graces. But beware, the dungeon is deep and even if you survive all immediate dangers, a fate worse than death awaits those who linger too long. You may face starvation and insanity, terrible curses and demonic possession, forever haunted, in the darkness of the pit. In each turn you play cards to discover and resolve an encounter. If an encounter is passed you can delve deeper ... and deeper. But beware, at some point you will have to turn around and play as many turn to get out of the dungeon as you did getting in. Manage your resources, evaluate your risk, and play your cards right and you just might get out alive. Fail to do so, and you are surely doomed. Includes the 'Devil's Playground' stand-alone game and a two-player cooperative mode, multiple expansion rules for the 'Dungeon Solitaire: Labyrinth of Souls' tarot card game, four variants of Dungeon War, and guidelines for fortune telling using the 'Devil's Playground' card deck. -description from designer

Hand Management
Campaign \/ Battle Card Driven
Role Playing
Solo \/ Solitaire Game
Push Your Luck
1 - 2
Matthew Lowes
10 - 30