Dunkelrunde (2018)


DunkelRunde is a timeless game characterized by its fairytale story, the interaction between the players and the material used. The game board, the characters and the box are made of wood. If you handle it carefully, Dark Round can still be played in 100 years. Each player plays a girl and a boy. Players must reach a magical linden tree through fairytale scenes on the board. On the way to the tree, the game characters have to pass ghosts, giants, witches, dragons, and other fairy-tale sceneries. The game ends when a boy and a girl reach the linden tree. All players who have a child there at this point win the game. In this way it happens that not only one player alone is the winner. The rules are explained by a story in the game manual or read on Youtube. In this way, players can better identify with the children they play.

Dice Rolling
Children's Game
2 - 6
Lars-Michael Stock
20 - 60