Rahdo's Top 10 Games of All Time

Rahdo's Top 10 Games of All Time (as of 10/30/2020) ---> See more at rahdo.com

Last Updated: Saturday, October 31, 2020

1) Pandemic
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In Pandemic, several virulent diseases have broken out simultaneously all over the world! The players are disease-fighting specialists whose mission is to treat disease hotspots while researching cures for each of four plagues before they get out of hand. The game board depicts several major population centers on Earth. On each turn, a player can use up to four actions to travel between cities, treat infected populaces, discover a cure, or build a research station. A deck of cards provides the players with these abilities, but sprinkled throughout this deck are Epidemic! cards that accelerate and intensify the diseases' activity. A ...

2) Shadowrun: Crossfire
Shadowrun: Crossfire
Be a Runner. Fight the Megacorps! ...

3) Gloomhaven
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Vanquish monsters with strategic cardplay. Fulfill your quest to leave your legacy! ...

4) Agricola
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Build your farmstead by sowing fields and raising livestock. But don't forget to eat! ...

5) Troyes
In Troyes, recreate four centuries of history of this famous city of the Champagne region of France. Each player manages their segment of the population (represented by a horde of dice) and their hand of cards, which represent the three primary domains of the city: religious, military, and civil. Players can also offer cash to their opponents' populace in order to get a little moonlighting out of them—anything for more fame! Make your underlings: work on the cathedral combat misfortune bustle about the city ...

6) The Castles of Burgundy
The Castles of Burgundy
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Plan, trade, and build your Burgundian estate to prosperity and prominence. ...

7) Marvel Champions: The Card Game
Marvel Champions: The Card Game
Battle Marvel villains with unique teams of iconic heroes in this LCG. ...

8) Nations
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Steer the fate of your nation, from the ancient world until the outbreak of WW1. ...

9) Peloponnes
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In ancient Greece, build up your population and power. Beware the disasters! ...

10) Keyflower
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Compete in a unique auction system to build the most prosperous village. ...

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