The Dice Tower: 12 Games of Christmas - Party Games

Tom, Zee, Mike, & Roy share The Dice Tower's 12 Games of Christmas Party games! A board game Christmas gift shopping guide! (2020) ---> See more at

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 25, 2020

1) Master Word
Master Word
Are you as clever as a fox? As dogged as a bloodhound? Do you have an eagle-eye for details? Pool your team's resources together to seek out the master word! Master Word is a co-operative word-based deduction game in which players have to work together to try to find a secret word from a single starting hint. Each game, a guide selects a card, looks at the master word, then shows the other players (seekers) the starting hint. The seekers then have 90 seconds to discuss and each write a clue on a card, which they place in a row. Once this ...

2) Telestrations
Guess what they drew, then draw what they guessed, and see how funny the changes get. ...

3) Wavelength
Read your teammates’ minds in this pinpoint party game of infinite possibilities. ...

4) One Key
One Key
Cooperate to find the Key of this visual riddle! ...

5) Hues and Cues
Hues and Cues
How well can you describe a color hue without using a primary color's name?! ...

6) QE
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Bid ANYTHING to bail out companies, but just don’t bid the MOST! ...

7) Skull
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Does the token hide a flower or skull? Bid, bluff and laugh with striking components. ...

8) Coyote
Be smart like Coyote, figure out your secret card, and catch the bluff! ...

9) Half Truth
Half Truth
One question, six answers. But only three are right. Choose correctly for points. ...

10) Just One
Just One
Give one-word clues so someone can guess one word, but duplicate clues are discarded. ...

11) Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
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Interpret forensic evidence to solve a murder. Beware, the murderer may be among you! ...

12) Obscurio
Work together with the evil wizard's grimoire to escape the cursed library! ...

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